Friday, April 17, 2009

Flagbreak fun

Above : Pipers head to flagbreak

Lots of photos in this update (at no extra cost to you) to make up for the lack of an update for a wee while.

Over the past few weeks visitors to the site have also had an extra bit of added value as Bob has put on not one, but two fantastic flagbreaks on sunday mornings.

Above : The famous £5 note story in full flow

First up was a fun-filled-3-in-1-flagbreak featuring not only the fantastic £5 note story, but also the yearly reenactment of Zulu (Bob's favourite film) AND a visit from Boghall pipe band, who were staying in the Henderson centre. After the pipers played a few Scottish tunes, the groups were divided into 2 (Zulus and British Army) and commenced a brief but exciting battle with some predictably bad acting from both sides.

Above : Carnage after the first Zulu battle

Onwards 2 weeks and word had spread of the fantastic flagbreak so Bob was obliged to re-run the Zulu show for another group of campers. Not only that, but it was also one of the young Edinburgh scout's birthdays, so a brief celebration was added into the running order as well.

Above : World's highest scout belt? Or lowest headband.

Above : Birthday scout getting congratulations from everyone at flagbreak

Above : name the staff members

Above : victorious pipers leaving flagbreak after defeating both the Zulus and British Army

Apart from breaking flags, there's been lots more happening on site. More groups are starting to camp now and the good weather has meant that lots of activities have been running. Some local explorer scouts became the first ever to be invested at the top of the zipline platform (photos below), and last weekend the St. Andrews scouts attempted to build a replica of the Forth Road Bridge at a scale of 1:1.

Work-wise, it's been busy - last weekend's main project was to built a fence round the jacob's ladder, which was going perfectly until someone (who shall remain nameless but who may happen to appear in a photo below) burst the main water pipe to the field whilst drilling a hole for a fencepost. Luckily everyone's used to dealing with such incidents (some more than others), so although it did delay things for a while it's not a major problem. Hopefully the slats and door should be added to the fence soon - in the meantime enjoy the rest of the photos.

Above : Zipline initiation 1

Above : zipline initiation 2 - the smell of fear

Above : Newly invested explorer leaps from the platform to collect his celebratory wedgie

Above : Luckily, there wasn't a water pipe under here

Above : But unfortunately there was here...

Above : The real source of the staff hut coffee is finally revealed

Above : Jacob's ladder fence - halfway there

Above : St Andrews scouts/explorers midway through their huge monkey bridge