Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shut that door!

Above : Stevie and Henry fall for the old 'superglue on the doorframe' trick

Despite being right in the middle of the summer, last weekend (5th-6th) was unexpectedly quiet, the likely reason being that it was the start of the school summer holidays locally...where kids foolishly choose to go on exotic holidays or down to Alton Towers rather than coming to Fordell and having a shot of the pedal go-karts and spacehoppers :-)

However, although there were only a handful of activity sessions to run, the weekend was definitely not wasted and the respectable turnout of staff got stuck into a big pile of maintenance and DIY jobs around the site. After repainting the lines in the carpark, trimming bushes, strimming, moving wood to the woodpile, taking loads of old scrap metal away to the local dealers and doing a number of small jobs in preparation for the big camps coming up (and all before saturday breakfast...!!!), attention turned to the ongoing work inside the staffhut.

Next on the list of improvements was to install an interior door midway along the corridor. Reasons for this stop noise from the lounge reaching the bedrooms, to keep the heat in when the front door is being opened frequently...and obviously to hide the hideous mess inside from the campers, who occassionally venture inside the hut to check the activity board.

Above : Young-at-heart Henry works out the trajectory for his skateboard ramp

Above : Yet again, Stevie falls for the old 'pound coin superglued to the floor' trick

After finishing the door, it was just a matter of hoovering up the mess on the carpet and carrying out the regular urn-checking ritual which must always be adhered to rigidly.

This is definitely the last quiet weekend for a good while - the two huge camps are just around the corner so keep watching the blog for updates and photos from both these events soon.

Above : No comment required :-)