Sunday, May 20, 2007

Chips and coffee

A slightly quieter weekend than anticipated due to the mystery non-appearance of a Guide group.
Weather - wildly variable

Staff - Bob, Ali, Dave, Neil, Henry, Stevie, Ginga and a fleeting appearance by Coco.

Visitors - Scouts from Edinburgh, Airdrie and Kirkcaldy plus a couple of birthday party groups on the Sunday.

A fairly busy day of activities on the saturday with weather ranging from very nice to very cold.

A rather successful weekend in terms of work with the main task being the relocation of the million or so cubic metres of wood chips which Bob had purchased for the site, the main purpose of these being to provide a nice, safe and soft landing area around various activities.

The new Jacob's ladder area had already been mostly filled with chips during the week, so all that was left was to level this out. Job completed, it was then time to check that the staff kettle was working correctly (a necessary routine which must be carried out every 2 hours or so).

After also replenishing the wood chips in the adventure play area, there was still a substantial mountain of them left over and it was decided to move them up to the climbing area which had become rather muddy recently. One hour later and the climbing area was almost completely transformed for the better, with the expection of a small section of fence which Bob had attempted to demolish with the shovel of the tractor (not content with demolishing the back door step of the staff hut earlier).